Focused Library

Are you struggling to find the right library composition for your drug discovery project? Our Focused Library Service helps you select the most promising compounds based on your target and screening library.

Turn your High-Throughput-Screening project into a Focused-Screening

Conventional HTS

High-Throughput-Screening (HTS) is the experimental method predominantly used today in the drug discovery process. In this process, typically 50.000 to 200.000 compounds, in small containers, are screened and observed for reactions between the compounds and the target.

HTS typically consists of three phases: the pilot, the primary and the secondary phase. Overall, on average, 200.000 compounds are screened. Thus, using HTS is similar to looking for a need in the haystack and the initial choice for the search area has a major impact on the success rate of the search.

Two of the major challenges in the screening process are finding the right compounds and the need to cover a wide range of the chemical space in order to understand their biological function.

pharmAI's Focused Screening

pharmAI's innovative solution, which is based on analysing the binding sites, decreases the screening space dramatically. pharmAIs algorithms provide the drug developers with predictions of one or multiple constrained compound space(s) that can easily be passed on to compound library manufacturers (for cherry picking).

Consequently, our DiscoveryEngine can shorten the drug discovery process by short-cutting and optimizing the screening process leading to better results while lowering the costs. Furthermore, at the same time, the diversification of relevant scaffolds are enriched.

Another advantage of using pharmAi's services is that an off-target analysis and prediction are provided. Usually, both can be challenging in the conventional drug discovery process.

Benefits of Using pharmAI Screening Technology

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