Our team combines best in class research and years of experience in biotech spin-out management

Our team

Joachim Haupt, Ph.D.


Computer scientist with strong background in computational structural biology and bioinformatics. Joachim has a long scientific track record, experience in consulting and is a passionate entrepreneur with a decade of business experience. He is the inventor of PharmAI’s DiscoveryEngine.

Sharok Kimiaei, Ph.D.

Business Developer

Long experience in product development and life-cycle in med. tech and IT / e-health. Has been involved in various start-ups with focus to make viable products out of ideas. Holds Ph.D. in medical radiation physics.

Florian Kaiser, Ph.D.

Solution Architect

Background in molecular biology with a keen interest in computer science and passion in computational biology. Florian holds a Ph.D. in computer science and has many years of research experience in structural bioinformatics.

Christoph Leberecht, Ph.D.

Project Manager

Experienced Bioinformatician in the fields of systems and structural biology. Passionate software architect with a faible for efficient and reliable code.

Jana Mundus

Public Relations

Journalist with a passion for start-ups, a strong focus on scientific topics and over 20 years of experience.

Mahmood Nazari, Ph.D.

Data Scientist

Expert in deep-learning with a dedicated focus to solve the mystery of chemical affinity and binding with the help of AI.