Off-Target Identification

Increase your success rate at an early stage. With pharmAI's rapid off-target prediction service you can already find potential off-targets during the discovery stage.

Get control over potential off-target complications prior to further investments.

Off target identification covering the human proteome

Drugs may not always only do what we think they do. Many proposed new drug candidates fail clinical trials due to undesired and potentially harmful side-effects resulting in significant scientific and economic risks.

PharmAI’s DiscoveryEngine searches among hundreds of thousands of proteins and drugs for associations and off-targets using a groundbreaking combination of 3D protein structure data and artificial intelligence.

Accelerated workflow

Our optimized workflow predicts potential off-target proteins from the human proteome in less than four weeks. Our screening covers 95% of known human drug targets and de-risks your drug discovery journey at an early stage.

Want to know more?

In our white paper , we show how the combination of in silico screening and state-of-the-art biophysics was used to rapidly identify off-targets for a MAPK14 inhibitor.