Running Molecular Dynamics with Simulated Annealing in OpenMM
October 9, 2020
PLIP 2021: expanding the scope of the protein–ligand interaction profiler to DNA and RNA
May 6, 2021

PharmAI at BIO-Europe Spring Digital 2021

After a successful BIO-Europe Digital in autumn, we are looking forward to the BIO-Europe Spring Digital, March 22-25, 2021. During BIO-Europe Spring, we have the opportunity to meet-up and discuss how PharmAI’s ground-breaking technology helps our customers to accelerate their drug discovery.

We will be explaining our scaffold diversification technology and focused library screening, along with our validations and results from our latest innovation in off-target identification. With our real-life cases, we will show you how our mapping of in silico to in vitro libraries accelerates and de-risks drug discovery.
We look forward to meeting you during the partnering sessions!

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