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April 6, 2021
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July 19, 2021

PLIP 2021: expanding the scope of the protein–ligand interaction profiler to DNA and RNA

There it is: An update on the PLIP NAR Nucleic Acids Research paper together with a fresh version of the PLIP web server. PLIP is probably the most wide spread open-source tool for detection of non-covalent interactions in biomolecules. Enjoy plenty improvements together with new features such as detection of interactions with DNA/RNA. PLIP also ships as Docker and Singularity image. Check Docker Hub and GitHub. Thanks for the fantastic work to the teams at Technische Universität Dresden and PharmAI GmbH!

You have two options to analyze a protein-ligand complex instantaneously:

  1. use the web server
  2. execute a single command in your terminal (requires Docker)